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It is applicable for printing codes on variety of materials in various industies. The whole structure of the machine is made of stainless steel and conforms to IP54 safety grade. Fast booting, reliable automatic nozzle cleaning system to stablize printing quality Don't need to stop the printer, you could directly replace consumables easily and safely Intuitive user interface has shortcut keys and directly entering keys for Chinese-English.

4 years Maintenance-free design

It displays working dynamic information and online instruction, in order to assure the

machine working in the best condition all the time.

it can print up to 3 lines in automatic mode, and 4 lines in manual mode.

Printing speed: up to 3m/s, font height: from 5 points to 24 points

Character heigh: from 1.8 to 8.7mm

Chinese interface (31 languages is available in the Interface)

Information base: it can store up to 100 message.

You can directly edit graphics on the interface.

The blue backlit display shows what you see is what you get

Built-in help menu, operation instruction and fault diagnosis.

Don't need caompresed air supply

It still keeps working stability when you operate it again after it has been shut down

for few weeks.

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