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• Specially designed for bundle packing of beer , drinks and beverage.fruit juice,bottle water,dairy , condiment and so on with or without bottom support.

• Unique film lay off mechanism and constant film conveyor are adopted,featuring instantaneous film cutting,automatic film connecting and wrapping and higher strength after shrinking packing.

• Equipped with B&R servo motor control system , bottle-feeding,film feeding, film cutting and film wrapping are accurate,synchronous,stable and reliable.

• The LCD touch-screen has a friendly operation interface , and it is rapid for parameter setting and convenient for touch-machine communication, operation and control.

•Adopting SZW conveyor, sipping steadt, not easy to broken, wearable.

• Use air circulation technology, the shrinkage chamber features unique structure, heat insulation, high precision for temperature control and better packing effects.

• This machine can increase the printing film packaging systems.

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Board Chairman&General Manager:Zhang XiuFeng Add:Sanxin Town of Zhangjiagang,Jiangsu Province,P.R.China.
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