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Production speed:60-400BPM(it is related to the material and dimension of labels)

Labeling tolerance:±0_5mm( Regard less of the package material error)

Bottle dia:{p50-120mm

Bottle height:40-380mm

Wide range of labels:the Max width 300mm,the Max height 200mm

Labels roll dia:inner dia. 76mm,Max.380mm

Outline size:L2400*W2200*H12000mm

Weight:about 2500 kg

Power supply:380V/50HZ 4.5kw

1、 Adopting frequency conversion

2、 Crank label magazines, quick and easy loading of labels; easy operation, convenient maintenance and cleaning

3. To be particularly suited to labeling, such as grape-wine,white- wine,medicine,beverage,brewing and so on.

4. The machine which is provide with reasonable designing, easy manufacturing, low-priced cost, reliable product of quality, outstanding and

smooth labeling, low-priced maintenance, is middle-sized or small-sized labeling machine.

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